Jessica, also known as The Inky Addict, is a mixed media artist, speaker and certified rainbow chaser who creates work from mostly recycled and repurposed materials.  Born in the north & living in the south she escapes to her Creative Cave (a happy place to make art) daily and allows her soul to embrace the desire of its heart doing all things creative. She has been dedicated to her love of art daily since 2000 when pink owl creations began. Numerous papercraft books and digital & print magazines have featured her work.

When not creating, you can usually find her being a mother to her five-year-old daughter, enjoying yoga outside in the fresh air, hooping to her hearts content, and speaking publicly on issues that are important to her heart: Autism, empowering women to live their best lives possible, animal cruelty, and human trafficking in the USA. 

Most of all she is just a gypsy girl with a big ‘ol heart and open arms embracing the beautiful thing we call life.