Blessings To You!

Let’s start with a poem for the New Year.

For success in the New Year
And for a life full of cheer
Keep your attitude positive
And disregard the negative.
No matter what happens in the year
Keep looking forward without fear
Find the good in all things
Show gratitude and thanksgiving
And the year will end
On a positive ring. ~Unknown



Let’s start with some updates.

Yes, I am still a Stampin Up demonstrator…more of a hobby demonstrator. HAHA! Seriously, if I had the time to devout in bringing you regular content I would talk about it more often, but the reality is, I do not have the time to promise you any sort of regular schedule. This doesn’t mean that SU projects will not show up throughout the year. 😊 If you would like to see more content specific to SU, let me know and I will make it a point to share more. I am always creating, just rarely sharing. If you would like to order anything from me, please contact me.  (My demonstrator ID: 2256597)

Planner Décor/Stickers – I have no idea what to call this, but IYKYK. I am not doing this anymore. Over the last few years, I have struggled with this, and it no longer brings me joy. I enjoy seeing what others do, but no longer find it to be peaceful and fun for me anymore. I do still use a paper planner and never see that changing.

2022 Book Club – instead of a monthly meeting, we will move to a quarterly one. I will however still share my monthly reads. Feel free to share what you are reading, and I would be thrilled to hear your recommendations. I am always looking for a good read!


Content for 2022

*NEW* Kid’s Art Classes – each month I will share with you what we are doing in the art studio. This is a new adventure, and I am so freaking excited!

*NEW* KAPP – “Kill A Paper Pad” monthly challenge – raise your hand if you have a stash of paper pads in your craft room that is sitting there taking up space. What is it with these pads of paper that we ohh and ahhh over, buy them, and then they sit and sit and sit…and if we are honest, they sit so long they go “out of style” and sometimes make their way back “in style”? I have purged the ones that I know I have zero intention of ever using. The ones I have kept I intend to participate in the KAPP challenge, this is where you use up one entire paper pad at a time. Most crafters try and do this within a designated time frame, usually a month. Stay tuned for what I assume will be some funny moments.

[One Little Word® | 2022] – I am participating in this again this year. I still find this a rewarding experience. I am changing it up this year and going 100% digital. I have mixed emotions about this, but the deciding factor was my goal. All year I plan on using up my craft room stash and anyone who has seen it knows I have enough supplies for an army. However, this project I know I enjoy incorporating the new “kits” Ali Edwards puts out each year. I did not want to bring in more items, so decided to go the digital route to avoid bringing anything physical in a space that I am working hard to clean out. Oh, and my goal – at the end of the year to revamp the space with built-ins, a sofa, and expanding the space to incorporate my home office. I can see the vision, can you? Haha! I will be sharing what changes happen each month, before & after photos, and a sketch of the new dream space. I can not tell you how excited I am!!!


Enough rambling, here is a little reminder of a couple fun projects done in 2021.



Until next time,


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