After almost 22 years, I feel it is time to retire Pink Owl Creations. The last couple of decades have been a wonderful opportunity and I am grateful to have met some beautiful lifelong friends. As I enter a new phase of life, I felt a tug on my heartstrings to “begin again”, so I decided to go with it after much thought! 

This little guy has brought me so much joy! Love his face.

Will things stay the same or change? 
Short story, the same. I will always be sharing my love of papermaking. It is what has led to a wonderful season of my life and allowed me to be a part of a wonderful craft community that has stretched across the USA. It is what I have a passion for doing. I will also still be a Stampin Up demonstrator. 

Why change? 
What you don’t know about me is I dabble in all sorts of arts + crafts, home d├ęcor, cooking, lifestyle, etc. I wanted to open my blog to cater across the board with “all the things”! There are so many things I enjoy talking about and I no longer wanted to be limited to just paper making + papercrafts. 

Was it necessary to change the name?
For me, yes. Pink Owl Creations is where it all began. I will never forget the doors that opened over the last two decades that allowed me to share the artistic side of my brain and heart. But, now moving forward as new adventures are going to be explored, it seemed only fitting to change things up! And one of the most important aspects is all of this was an “accident”. As I have said before, I dabble in a lot of things. Almost every single one was by accident, never started with the intent to “really go after it”. At almost 50 years old, you just get to a point where you embrace the journey and go with the flow. And as my motto has always been – JOY IN THE JOURNEY! Hence, The Accidental Artist was born.

I know 2019 and 2020 I never posted or shared anything on my blog or Facebook group page. If you are a creative, you know this happens from time to time. You just get in a slump and must take the time to pick yourself up and pull up the bootstraps! Now’s the time. Yippee!

My only goal is to be a place of positivity and hopefully bring a smile to your face, whether because I share a craft with you that gets your creative juices flowing, or I make you laugh by sharing with you my trials and hiccups.  I mean, it is all part of the journey, right? 

Stay tuned. Over the next few days, all the updates will be rolling out. 

Love y’all, hope you stick around and I'd love for you to share with me what you are working on in your creative spaces, homes, and community.

Until next time.

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