Welcome 2021! Another year to feel grateful and blessed!

Today we start a new series “What I Am Reading Wednesday”. Join me each week for an update on what I am currently reading. I would love to hear from you in the comments on what you are reading and your thoughts. We can all use some new book ideas! My goal for 2021 is to read 55 books. That is about 1 book a week. Something attainable with the flow of life and schedules. Of course, if I go over that would be fine! Let’s cheer each other on one book at a time!

I am in a few different challenges this year. They are Bookworm Bitches, Paper & Glam Book Club, The Catholic Book Club, and Pop Sugar’s, all on Goodreads. I have also thrown in a healthy mix of various books that I have come across, suggested to me, or that have been on my to-read list.

Since the first, I have been reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Stephen R. Covey. I always like to start off the year with an easy read to get the mojo going and one that helps facilitate some improved habits. This is one SRC book I had not read. It is super quick and easy. Literally I read the book in two days. Some good basics and good old-fashioned reminders. I highly suggest adding it to your list.

The second book I have been reading is The Catholic Table: Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet, by Emily Stimpson Chapman. I CAN NOT put this one down. I have read and then gone back to re-read the same pages. I am seriously in love with this book! Pre-COVID -  If you do not know, each Sunday  (well most anyway) I prepare family dinner for all my people, friends too! Y’all are all invited to come over for an afternoon meal. I love what happens around the table. It makes my heart full. This book really resonated with me because of this weekly activity that I am blessed to be a participant. I am about halfway through the book and feel like I am stalling, because I do not want it to end just yet.

And the third and last book I have begun is Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness, by Gretchen Rubin. At first, I was like, great, another let’s purge and feel better about life book. I mean seriously, how many can one read in a lifetime. But, but…this one is really good. As a person who can not be around clutter and needs order to function properly, this has been a good read so far. It has kicked my booty, made me feel sane, and motivated me all at the same time. I haven’t finished it yet but recommend it already!

What are you reading? Have you joined any challenges this year? What is your reading goal for 2021?

Until next time,

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