Gratitude Challenge – Write One Thank you Note Every Day for 7 Days


As most of you know, I love handmade cards, handwritten notes, and giving treats to others. I have always felt this way for as long as I can remember. It makes me smile.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with that, there is a lot of talk about gratitude. I should say, more than usual talk of gratitude. Cause I have a pretty awesome tribe and we talk about gratitude ALOT.

So, I challenge you. For a week, write a handwritten note to seven others you are thankful for. You can send it snail mail or deliver it to them in person. This isn’t a time to send an email or text message.

Handwritten notes make others feel special. Whether it’s a thank you note, a birthday greeting, a postcard from the road, or even a Post-It note stuck to their computer monitor, you’re giving them a gift of your time and energy. It’s a really simple way to let others know you love and appreciate them, and that you’re thinking of them when they least expect it. — Jessica at GalFriday612

If you are looking for ideas on making your own cards to send. Feel free to check out my shop where you can find all supplies needed. Any questions, let me know! 

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