PRUVIT PRODUCT REVIEW #1 KETO//OS® Max – Raspberry Lemonade

I filled my 24oz shaker bottle with 16 oz of water, filled it to the 24 oz mark with ice, and added ½ packet. HOLY FREAKING MOLY this stuff is amazing with a capital A!

I chose this flavor first, so I could “get it out of the way”. I do not like anything raspberry.

This tastes like liquid cotton candy. The way I mixed it was PERFECT. If I had to drink this every day, I would not complain at all. I am pretty sure unicorns drink this stuff! 

Honest – I went ahead (keep in mind I have been on this stuff for ONE DAY) and I ordered a shipment of this flavor tonight…and set it up on auto-ship. I DO NOT want to be without this product.

I give this 5 STARS for sure!

Check back tomorrow for product review #2!

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