Your Holi-YAY! Box will need to include at least 4 winter holiday inspired items. 
1 Edible Treat (ask your receiver about any allergies)
1 card – either handmade or store bought
2 winter/winter holiday inspired items (think winter/holiday colors, themes, etc.)
…you may include additional items and while greatly appreciated it is not to be expected.

Sign up closes at midnight on November 22nd 
Swap Names posted by midnight on November 23rd 
Package to be mailed and received by December 9th 

Please be mindful of mail time. Everyone would like to receive and enjoy their items while in season. 

Post your tracking number when MAILED and post a photo when RECEIVED.
a) This helps us all be accountable for mailing on time
b) We ALL want to see the fun packages that are received! 

I’d be thrilled to have you join us!

Until Next Time,

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