New Year resolutions. Statistically, 45% of Americans usually make them, 17% infrequently make them, 38% never make them, according to Forbes.

I personally LOVE them! I enjoy the whole goal setting process. I make “resolutions” all during the year.

My resolutions for 2017 – 

1. JOURNAL MORE – I feel I can add this to my daily quiet/devotional time, by jotting down my thoughts for the day.

2. TRY NEW THINGS - Per the book, I am reading – say YES more often. I am such an introvert and shy person that I am constantly wishing I would just “go for it” more often. 

3. FITNESS/HEALTH - Get back into a fitness routine. The last year was such a roller coaster with my health that I let this side of life get pushed aside. I know I feel better mentally and physically when I move my body.

4. GETTING BACK TO WHAT I LOVE - Sharing my love of paper crafts with more people. I have been a fun Stampers Journey Coach for a year and I have never really shared that with too many people.

5. SPEND LESS, SAVE MORE – I am not an over spender or buyer of useless things. I usually buy things based on the quality and usefulness of the item. I want to continue this momentum.

6. QUALITY FAMILY TIME/TRAVEL – I want to focus on the quality of time spent with my family. The best way I know to do this is travel with them. This will take us out of our routine and away from the things that nag at us “to get done” and allow us to genuinely be present with the ones we love.

7. TAKE MORE PHOTOGRAPHS – I have all these lovely and great quality cameras/lenses and I rarely get them out to take photos or video. Sad really. 

8. RELAX MORE – I can be very intense and a workaholic in about 2 seconds flat. 2016 was better, but still needs to be worked on.

9. GARDEN – I want Madeline and I to build and maintain a little garden. This could be interesting. LOL

10. CLASSES – I want to take more classes this year. I love learning new things and find it feeds my soul in a good way.

Are you in the 45%, 17% or 38% category and why?

Until next time.

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