A BIG hello and a very Happy October!!!

Can you believe that this is the 8th Annual 31 Days of Halloween!!!!

This tradition makes me smile every single year! I think I look forward to this event more than any other craft challenge.

After not being able to participate in 2015 with the arrival of my little one, I am even MORE excited about this year’s participation. 

A little re-cap for the ones who may not be familiar.
The challenge for the Wicked Bloggers is to post a project each day in October. If the challenge is completed, they will earn a survivor button to feature on their blog and join the elite group of past Wicked Bloggers.

My daily post will go up at 9AM CST. In the event I will not post that day, I will post something that says so. This way you do not have to keep checking back throughout the day to see if I have posted. I do not foresee this happening, but you never know!

Please come back in October to visit. The ones that participate are amazing crafters and everyone makes such different projects. I love seeing what everyone comes up with to make and share! I promise you will not be disappointed. These crafters are some of the most amazing out there…and some of my favorites too! 

Until next time.

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