For Miscellanaous Monday, I decided to tell you why I like and how I use my Happy Planner. I have used an EC for the last six plus years (long before they were super popular) and for December 2015 I decided to give the Happy Planner a try. So far, so good. 

Happy Planner (Classic)

Disc Bound
  • So easy to personalize. I can literally make a new cover or dashboard, laminate it and install it within 15 minutes.
  • I can move pages in/out easily.
  • I can effortlessly add inserts or sections as needed.
  • No rings or coils to get in my way when writing.
  • If you needed larger rings or the mini rings you can easily change them to fir your need.
  • The planner will fold over on its self.
  • A disc bound paper punch is easy to find. Or you can use a regular hole punch and scissors to get the job done.


  • The overall size is 7.75 x 9.75 inches. This size easily fits into most standard size handbags and work totes. Not too big, not too small.
  • The classic size has generous 2.5x1.5 size boxes.


The price is fantastic. As an ex Franklin Covey user then an Eric Condren user I was not surprised to pay at least $50 for a planner each year.  ßwhich really meant I would spend at least $200 and up (new binder, inserts, accessories, personalization, etc.). A Happy Planner without a coupon or discount code will set you back $25-30. The expansion packs are very inexpensive too


This fall MAMBI is coming out with “binders” for the Happy Planner. This gives you the best of both worlds (if you like a “binder” type cover for your planners). I have cut down one of my EC planners and had it punched to fit an A5 planner and I personally DID. NOT. LIKE. IT. AT. ALL.

How I Use My Happy Planner

Section 1 is used for my daily To-Dos. Specific things to do goes in the top squares.
Section 2 is used for my daily reminders – recycling & trash days, car wash, post office, etc.
Section 3 is used for a) meal planning b) exercise schedule c) book club schedule

My side bar is used for - 
  • To jot down quick shopping reminders (lightbulbs batteries, soap, etc.). When I use the last one of something I write it down while I am thinking about it. This also saves time from me having to walk around the house when I am making a grocery list to see what I am out of.
  • I am in a few different book clubs and I use the bottom side bar area to keep track of the books I am currently reading that week.

I have just purchased a Happy Planner Horizontal.
Here are my initial thoughts.

  • The boxes are just a tad short. Traditional size planner stickers will not fit unless you cut them down to fit.
  • There is no side bar (obviously).

  • The daily boxes are lined.
  • The daily boxes have plenty of room to write.
  • The daily boxes look large enough, that if you wanted, you could break them down into three sections (like the vertical three box layout).

For the week of July 25 – July 31 I am going to plan in both my vertical and horizontal to see what I prefer.

Do you use a Happy Planner? Vertical or Horizontal? What are your likes and dislikes? Have you found planner peace?

Until next time,

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