Wishing everyone a big Tennessee HELLO!!

As I was noodling through the day today I was debating what my next post would be about. I really am excited to be sharing some artsy stuff soon. My studio rearranging and organizing is taking longer than expected. I hope to have it finished by December 24th and it just has yet to happen. I am very close! So the ones that like to see the creative things, it is coming. I have a year filled with lots of:

  •  Cricut (warning, there will be lots of heat press projects coming) Guess what I got for Christmas :)
  •  Brother Scan and Cut 
  •  Sewing 
  •  Mixed Media 
  •  Card Making 
  •  Project Life 
  • ATC's 
  • Journal Making
  • and other quirky projects that do not fit into a category! 

I was thinking about my studio and feeling overwhelmed with all the crafty supplies and multiple craft machines. I have decided to challenge myself this year and use only what I own. I honestly have no reason to walk into any craft supply store. No really, I even have enough adhesive to last me probably five years. What is left on December 31st I am going to just let it go. The feeling of failure I put upon myself over having all of these wonderful items and yet I find myself purchasing more (I mean who doesn't want the newest and coolest, right?) is maddening. Especially when I look back and realize I could have used this and not purchased that or I bought this, because I couldn't find it or I signed up for this swap and have nothing to use on the topic so I must make a purchase. All of those reasons are ridiculous. I've been blessed to be able to have pretty much anything I want craft wise and I am not using it wisely. Would I do this in any other area of my life? Ab-so-lute-ly not!!! So, my way to correct the insanity is challenge myself. I just love a good challenge, do you? I will do this slowly. I am being proactive and planning my projects. I will pull the product from my studio and organizing the items. I am trying to do this well in advance that if I have to “go searching” for something I have time and not running to the store or clicking on Amazon to get me what I must have right this very moment. Yes, I am sure I will be tempted by other crafty people on social media and YouTube sharing their great finds and discovery of new product. But, honestly, the outcome of how I will feel about myself knowing I was not wasteful with my resources will be an even greater satisfaction than having the newest roll of washi tape, or the coolest pen, or the most amazing gadget ever made to date. Don't judge me, you know who you are that has those same thoughts, lol! So yeah, that's my plan for 2016. I have to say I am excited about exploring my studio and riffling through the oodles of supplies I already own.

Do any of you have the same problem? How do you feel about it? Does your overage of art supplies stifle your creativity? What would be your reward if you could walk into your art room and spend time creating instead of looking for things or constantly rearranging?

Until next time.