I am sitting here knowing I should be posting something crafty, but my brain is elsewhere today. I really do promise to share some new paper projects soon!

What is my brain thinking about this morning? LIES. Yep. You read that correctly. Let me explain where I am coming from.

All through life there are different groups you will be a part of…think back to junior high, high school, and college days. Everyone sort of found their spot in a different group – the nerds, the jocks, the artsy goup…whatever you called it, the groups were separated and each found their out niche. As you grew up a little more and you entered your mid 20’s the same thing happened. At your work place or your social places groups happened again. Like-minded people gathered with other like-minded individuals. After you married and had children…oh my let the kiddie play groups now define you (insert eye roll…clearly I have opinions on this topic, lol)! Now that I am in my early 40’s (yes, 42 in June!) I see another round of separation… never married, divorced, kids, no kids, empty nesters, and on and on. I would like to think I will not see any of this separation in my 50’s, 60’s, or any other age I will conquer. Sadly. I know I will probably see it.

Think with me for a moment- if we are all on this journey of life and share it with each other. Help each other. Give back to our neighbors, neighborhood, and communities. If I start in my backyard and you in yours, do you realize we can be part in changing the whole world? Yes, the whole entire world. How freaking ridiculously amazing would that be instead of having the attitude to try and out do your neighbor? I would love to get back to the days where the elders help teach and show the younger generations. Everyone can be an elder to someone else. Look around, I bet you know a bajillion people younger than you. What can you show them to enrich their lives?

Okay, so now back to the ugly word at the beginning LIES. I think if we all stop lying we could enjoy each other more. 

What is your reason to:

  • not bake an extra loaf of bread and take it to your elderly neighbor that use to share her homemade bread with you.
  • not mow your neighbor’s yard when you do yours knowing they are struggling a little and he is working overtime that week to help get out of debt.
  • not grab an extra pack of diapers when you grab yours and drop them off at a local support center that could really use them.
  • not tell your friend how pretty she looks today knowing she is on a weight loss journey or going through a bad break up/divorce.
  • not tell you kiddos how happy you are to be their mum or dad.

Whatever you could be doing and you are not is because you are LYING to yourself. You can come up with 101 reasons on why you can’t help someone else. Really? You are telling me your life is so busy that you cannot help another? I call bullshit. Replace the word “can’t” with “I don’t want to” and stop lying. (Now, if you are honest with yourself and you are fine with this and you know you could, you just do not want to--that is an entirely different situation. I am addressing all the people who say "Oh I can't'", "I would if I could", "If...", and make up some lame excuse on why they "can't".)

There I said it. Stop. Lying. To. Yourself. 

Let go of whatever is holding you back – are you tired at the end of the day, so is everyone else. Oh, you don’t have the money to help…mmmm…hmmm…you just checked in last night on Facebook saying you were “having dinner and drinks”. You’re working and missed you kids sporting event. Oh, but you sure didn’t have to work to make that football game on television the other day. 

STOP MAKING EXCUSES. If you want to, you can help those around you and then they can help those around them and, in the end, we are all helping each other. 

When you are done…meet me in my backyard for a bonfire and we can sing kum ba ya together. xoxo

Until next time.