I have really missed having my every other week craft group meet at my house. The friendships that were built and the crafty goodness that would take place with such talented ladies was refreshing for the soul and inspiring. Most of them came not knowing about paper crafting. I would have “projects” and we would all do them together, like a live tutorial. After a few sessions we were meeting regularly and they were doing their own thing. So. Much. Fun.  I then regularly taught paper crafting in different scrapbook stores across the nation. Then something sad happened and stores were closing left and right. I continued as long as I could to offer a fun time for those interested. Things just fizzled out. (Yes, that is a technical term. Ha!)

Over the last couple of years, I have found it a challenge to find local crafters to get together with on a regular basis. With that thought, I decided to do something about it! I searched and reached out to many demonstrators to sign under and that turned into an epic fail. I could not find one local or semi local demonstrator to sign under (in their defense, I think most are in it for the discount and have no interest in building a team; which is A-OK). Yes, I knew many in other states, but had been that route before and this go around I wanted someone local to connect with and if I NEEDED something ASAP, perhaps that would have it on hand. (just being honest people)

I found a company I was excited about and reached out to a lovely lady somewhat nearby. She was quick to respond to me, told me she is more a hobbyist, but did not mind me signing up under her. She has been in contact since our first emails and it seems like I made the right decision for me. 

So, I bet you are wondering what company I signed with and where I want to go on this journey.

Well, you do want to know, right?

Are you sure?




Okay, enough teasing, ha ha ha!

I found Fun Stampers Journey and decided to be a Journey Coach!
I am so excited to play with their fun stamps, inks, and dies. I am eagerly awaiting my starter kit.

Clearly the Universe was on my side. I signed up at the perfect time. Normally the kit is $199.00 and it is on special through January 31, 2016 for ONLY $99.00!!!!! Yes, $100 off!!

So, you probably are curious with want direction I am headed with Fun Stampers Journey. Honestly, I am not 100% sure. Some of it depends on you guys!  

Here are my goals:

Through June 2016 I would like to have a once a month craft day. I will have a special project planned. You can join in or bring your own crafty bits and do your own thing. Potluck style food, snacks, and drinks (like the craft days I use to host at my house)

Beginning in July 2016 I would like to bump it up and have 2 craft days a month at my house.

I would be thrilled to build a team of fun individuals – if you want to be a hobbyist or make it a business. I have a commercial space we could hold events for team building, learning, and sharing your journey with others.

If you are interested in joining the journey, becoming a Journey Coach and start earning income and free product by sharing your passion for crafting; then follow my link here to sign up. You can email me here with any questions.  Don’t forget – the $99.00 special ends January 31, 2016!

Oh and to get the party started I am holding a giveaway YAY!!!! 

Once I reach my first $300.00 in sales I am giving away one of our special Journey Girl binder ($24.95 retail value) or one of our Be Amazing binder ($24.95 retail value). Winners choice!

If you want to be entered in the giveaway email me your name and order number. Once $300.00 of sales has been reached I will do a random drawing using RandomPicker.

Keep your eyes open for the next BIG GIVEAWAY I have planned! Want a hint? It retails for almost $140.00!!!! 

Until next time,


I am sitting here knowing I should be posting something crafty, but my brain is elsewhere today. I really do promise to share some new paper projects soon!

What is my brain thinking about this morning? LIES. Yep. You read that correctly. Let me explain where I am coming from.

All through life there are different groups you will be a part of…think back to junior high, high school, and college days. Everyone sort of found their spot in a different group – the nerds, the jocks, the artsy goup…whatever you called it, the groups were separated and each found their out niche. As you grew up a little more and you entered your mid 20’s the same thing happened. At your work place or your social places groups happened again. Like-minded people gathered with other like-minded individuals. After you married and had children…oh my let the kiddie play groups now define you (insert eye roll…clearly I have opinions on this topic, lol)! Now that I am in my early 40’s (yes, 42 in June!) I see another round of separation… never married, divorced, kids, no kids, empty nesters, and on and on. I would like to think I will not see any of this separation in my 50’s, 60’s, or any other age I will conquer. Sadly. I know I will probably see it.

Think with me for a moment- if we are all on this journey of life and share it with each other. Help each other. Give back to our neighbors, neighborhood, and communities. If I start in my backyard and you in yours, do you realize we can be part in changing the whole world? Yes, the whole entire world. How freaking ridiculously amazing would that be instead of having the attitude to try and out do your neighbor? I would love to get back to the days where the elders help teach and show the younger generations. Everyone can be an elder to someone else. Look around, I bet you know a bajillion people younger than you. What can you show them to enrich their lives?

Okay, so now back to the ugly word at the beginning LIES. I think if we all stop lying we could enjoy each other more. 

What is your reason to:

  • not bake an extra loaf of bread and take it to your elderly neighbor that use to share her homemade bread with you.
  • not mow your neighbor’s yard when you do yours knowing they are struggling a little and he is working overtime that week to help get out of debt.
  • not grab an extra pack of diapers when you grab yours and drop them off at a local support center that could really use them.
  • not tell your friend how pretty she looks today knowing she is on a weight loss journey or going through a bad break up/divorce.
  • not tell you kiddos how happy you are to be their mum or dad.

Whatever you could be doing and you are not is because you are LYING to yourself. You can come up with 101 reasons on why you can’t help someone else. Really? You are telling me your life is so busy that you cannot help another? I call bullshit. Replace the word “can’t” with “I don’t want to” and stop lying. (Now, if you are honest with yourself and you are fine with this and you know you could, you just do not want to--that is an entirely different situation. I am addressing all the people who say "Oh I can't'", "I would if I could", "If...", and make up some lame excuse on why they "can't".)

There I said it. Stop. Lying. To. Yourself. 

Let go of whatever is holding you back – are you tired at the end of the day, so is everyone else. Oh, you don’t have the money to help…mmmm…hmmm…you just checked in last night on Facebook saying you were “having dinner and drinks”. You’re working and missed you kids sporting event. Oh, but you sure didn’t have to work to make that football game on television the other day. 

STOP MAKING EXCUSES. If you want to, you can help those around you and then they can help those around them and, in the end, we are all helping each other. 

When you are done…meet me in my backyard for a bonfire and we can sing kum ba ya together. xoxo

Until next time.


Sometime in November, as things now stand, the "Christmas season" begins. The streets are hung with lights, the stores are decorated with red and green, and you can't turn on the radio without hearing songs about the spirit of the season and the glories of Santa Claus. The excitement builds to a climax on the morning of December 25, and then it stops, abruptly. Christmas is over, the New Year begins, and people go back to their normal lives.

The traditional Christian celebration of Christmas is exactly the opposite. The season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and for nearly a month Christians await the coming of Christ in a spirit of expectation, singing hymns of longing. Then, on December 25, Christmas Day itself ushers in twelve days of celebration, ending only on January 6 with the feast of the Epiphany. Exhortations to follow this calendar rather than the secular one have become routine at this time of year. But often the focus falls on giving Advent its due, with the Twelve Days of Christmas relegated to the words of a cryptic traditional carol. Most people are simply too tired after Christmas Day to do much celebrating.

The "real" twelve days of Christmas are important not just as a way of thumbing our noses at secular ideas of the "Christmas season." They are important because they give us a way of reflecting on what the Incarnation means in our lives. Christmas commemorates the most momentous event in human history—the entry of God into the world He made, in the form of a baby. The Logos through whom the worlds were made took up His dwelling among us in a tabernacle of flesh. One of the prayers for Christmas Day encapsulates what Christmas means for all believers: "O God, who marvelously created and yet more marvelously restored the dignity of human nature, grant that we may share the divinity of Him who humbled himself to share our humanity." In Christ, our human nature was united to God, and when Christ enters our hearts, he brings us into that union. -Kendall Harmon

Tonight as I pack away the decorations from the season I will make myself a big ol' mug of hot chocolate (extra marshmallows please) and reflect on the season we just experienced. I will wrap up my December Daily book and ohhh and ahhhh over all the memories of this year (and not feeling the pressure to finish my DD by December 31st, lol) 

If you celebrate the Christmas Season, how do you celebrate? What memories of this season will you remember and cherish?

Until next time.


Saturday I was at the nail salon and the owner and I were chatting like we always do. In the past we have talked about travel, politics, shared authentic recipes from our different cultures and just have a great time learning and sharing with each other. This week we were discussing the New Year and what 2016 means. She mentioned that the number 9 is powerful. Me being extremely fascinated in numerology (always have, must be the nerd in me) I told her I wanted to know more of what her culture has to say about the number 9.  We talked and talked about this exciting number 9 and both shared different thoughts and information. Below are a few interesting bits on the number 9.

To catch you up to speed if you are not familiar with numerology; you take the topic numbers 
and add them together until you get a single digit.
So for 2016 it would break down like this:

2+0+1+6 =9

9 would be the universal number for 2016

  • Nine is a finishing number and represents the end of a cycle. It also is the number of the humanitarian. That means 2016 is a year of completion, rest and forgiveness.
  • Nine relates to wisdom and responsibility.
  • Nine represents human's 'earthly lesson', which is 'forgiveness'.
  • Nine is Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.
  • This is the year you ‘reap what you sow’. Whatever you have been working on in the last 9 years will finally pay off.
  • Nine can be a year of most notable success for those with intense ambition. It needs to be remembered that all ambition must be tempered with wisdom.
  • Nine is a cleansing year, between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.
  • Nine invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. You have graduated from a cycle of experience and it is a time for completing many areas of experience so that you can move freely into the next cycle ahead without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage. There is a letting go of the old as anticipation of future possibilities exists within you. Gratefulness and compassion are especially important at this time.

Regardless if you believe in Numerology, think it is just for fun, or you don’t think about it at all; one thing you can believe is that 2016 can be YOUR BEST YEAR!

Until next time.


Wishing everyone a big Tennessee HELLO!!

As I was noodling through the day today I was debating what my next post would be about. I really am excited to be sharing some artsy stuff soon. My studio rearranging and organizing is taking longer than expected. I hope to have it finished by December 24th and it just has yet to happen. I am very close! So the ones that like to see the creative things, it is coming. I have a year filled with lots of:

  •  Cricut (warning, there will be lots of heat press projects coming) Guess what I got for Christmas :)
  •  Brother Scan and Cut 
  •  Sewing 
  •  Mixed Media 
  •  Card Making 
  •  Project Life 
  • ATC's 
  • Journal Making
  • and other quirky projects that do not fit into a category! 

I was thinking about my studio and feeling overwhelmed with all the crafty supplies and multiple craft machines. I have decided to challenge myself this year and use only what I own. I honestly have no reason to walk into any craft supply store. No really, I even have enough adhesive to last me probably five years. What is left on December 31st I am going to just let it go. The feeling of failure I put upon myself over having all of these wonderful items and yet I find myself purchasing more (I mean who doesn't want the newest and coolest, right?) is maddening. Especially when I look back and realize I could have used this and not purchased that or I bought this, because I couldn't find it or I signed up for this swap and have nothing to use on the topic so I must make a purchase. All of those reasons are ridiculous. I've been blessed to be able to have pretty much anything I want craft wise and I am not using it wisely. Would I do this in any other area of my life? Ab-so-lute-ly not!!! So, my way to correct the insanity is challenge myself. I just love a good challenge, do you? I will do this slowly. I am being proactive and planning my projects. I will pull the product from my studio and organizing the items. I am trying to do this well in advance that if I have to “go searching” for something I have time and not running to the store or clicking on Amazon to get me what I must have right this very moment. Yes, I am sure I will be tempted by other crafty people on social media and YouTube sharing their great finds and discovery of new product. But, honestly, the outcome of how I will feel about myself knowing I was not wasteful with my resources will be an even greater satisfaction than having the newest roll of washi tape, or the coolest pen, or the most amazing gadget ever made to date. Don't judge me, you know who you are that has those same thoughts, lol! So yeah, that's my plan for 2016. I have to say I am excited about exploring my studio and riffling through the oodles of supplies I already own.

Do any of you have the same problem? How do you feel about it? Does your overage of art supplies stifle your creativity? What would be your reward if you could walk into your art room and spend time creating instead of looking for things or constantly rearranging?

Until next time.


Every year for as long as I can remember I have chosen a Word of the Year. I am a firm believer that words are powerful. What you speak is what you are telling your body, mind, and soul to believe. I have always been very cautious of the words I use.

I was set on my word for about the last four months. I had chosen B-R-A-V-E.
  • ·      Showing courage
  • ·      endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear
  • ·      fighting spirit

I knew what some of my goals for the upcoming year would be and I wanted a strong word to get me through the tough times. Times when I would want to give up and not persevere. I just knew this was the word for me in 2016. I went as far as planning on having it tattooed on me. Yes, I was certain that this was to be MY word!

Well, then the Universe had fun with me. During the month of December I could not get away from the word JOY. Every time I picked up something to read- JOY. Every time I went somewhere something would pop out that had the word JOY. Even Starbucks wrote my name wrong on my cup, not once, but TWICE in the same week. Instead of writing Jess the barista wrote JOY. I was laughing at this point.

I understand the importance of joy and really feel like I experience it on a regular basis. I am a joyful person; I try and keep a joyful household and it is important for me to have the office be a joyful place.  I love seeing people experience joy. It just seems natural. Oh, how I am wrong on so many levels that I really didn’t even understand until New Year’s Eve.

Have you really taken the time to fully understand what the word JOY means?

 I was given this scripture when I shared what I felt like should be my word,

Nehemiah 8:10 (ESV) Then he said to them, "Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength."

For the joy of the Lord is your strength This beautiful sentence is, literally, delight in Jehovah is a strong refuge.

The joy of the Lord is your strength, i.e. rejoicing in God in the manner prescribed in his word, or serving him with cheerfulness and thankfulness, which is your duty always, but now especially, will give you that strength both of mind and body which you greatly need, both to perform all the duties required of you, and to endure and oppose all the crafty counsels and malicious designs of your enemies against you; whereas this dejection of mind, and excessive grief, if you indulge it, will both offend God, and damp your spirits, and weaken your very bodies, and make you unfit for God’s service, or for your own necessary occasions, and so an easy prey to your enemies.

I am so giggly with excitement over 2016. I have been this way for weeks. I know it is going to be more than amazing. I now know that JOY is the word for me. I love it and am looking forward to a year of awesome adventures, a year of peace, a year of vitality, and year with JOY.

Until next time.


Hello 2016!

So what do you think? Do you like the new layout?

I loved my setup from last year, but found myself wanting a simple look and feel.

I spent most of 2015 purging (in all areas of my life) and I have always preferred minimalism to materialism. I am not a keeper of things. I do not like having duplicate items. It bothers me immensely if I have to go out and buy something just because I cannot “find it”.

I have many hefty goals for 2016 and keeping my life clutter free will only help me achieve these goals. 
(I will update throughout the year as to what my goals are and why I have them.)

I have my goal split into the following categories-

Within each category I have the following sub-categories:
  • ·      Yearly Top Goals
  • ·      Monthly Goals
  • ·      Weekly Goals (some of my monthly and yearly goals are pretty big flat out HUGE!) So, I am breaking them down weekly. That just seems more attainable for me.

I love setting goals, being diligent, and seeing them achieved! It bring a great big smile to my head and heart knowing I accomplished something that was important to me!

What are your goals for 2016? Do you have a roadmap on how you plan to accomplish them? What is the reward you will reap for achieving them?

Until next time.