Crafty Goodness for June 2-6 and an OMG!

OH MY GOSH!!!!  I just realized none of my posts has been auto posting the whole entire month of June!! When I went to pick the winner(s) of the Pocket Letters Giveaway I realized there was nothing, nada, not one single entry and now I know why!! YIKES!

So with that being said, here is the post that should have posted on June 6th. Everyone that comments will be entered into the drawing and winner(s) will be announced Saturday, July 4th!

Thanks for looking!

From June 6...

Okay, okay so I am a little behind in my daily crafty posts.
There were 101 things happening all at once and then I was under the weather for a bit.

Here are short versions of what would have been the daily posts for June 2-6. If you comment I will give you 5 entries (to make up for the daily posts being absent).

Let's get started.

June 2
On Saturday, we had a professional Rosary maker come in and teach us the art of making Rosaries. Here are the two that I made. I am 100% addicted to making these. OMGOODNESS so much fun!

I rarely talk politics or religion on here so I will keep this short and sweet. If you would like to have a handmade rosary from me, I would be thrilled to send you one. All of them will be blessed before being sent out. Just send me an email with your contact information and I will send one your way. I will include a simple guide to teach you how to pray the rosary if you do not have experience in doing so.

June 3
Pocket Letter - Dog Theme

June 4
Pocket Letter -  4th of July Theme
(poor lighting, sorry)

June 5
Pocket Letter - Summer Theme

June 6
Pocket Letter - Birthday Theme

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