My First Pocket Letter

Hello everyone! I am back and ready to start crafting again. Welcoming a new baby in February, getting back from Maternity Leave to the business I own and just getting into a new groove has been 
challenging. Whew! My how time flies. :)

I have lots of upcoming Pocket Letters and planner goodness to share. Multi week posts will be coming!!

This weekend I made my first Pocket Letter.  What is a Pocket Letter you say? Well head on over to Janette's blog and she can tell you all about them! 

The theme was "Hearts". This was so much fun to make. I will have a YouTube video up soon to show how I made my second one. Wanna see what it looks like? Head back over tomorrow and see a sneak peek of photos. 

Hope everyone is well. I have missed you all. Tell me what you think about my VERY FIRST Pocket Letter. Please be kind :)

Here is the Pocket Letter open. 
Each pocket starting at the top, left to right - 
Pocket 1 is stuffed with stickers
Pocket 2 is full of these fun bling rhinestones
Pocket 3 is filled with die cute to make 2 pink and 2 black bows (I saw Serena Bee on YouTube do this and thought it was a fabulous idea. I hope to incorporate different "kits" with each PL.)
Pocket 4 has a fun tassle, a huge heart brad, piece of flair and some delicious tea
Pocket 5 ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon
Pocket 6 some heart shaped and round buttons
Pocket 7 heart die cuts in all shapes and sizes
Pocket 8 confetti, bling  - not sure what to really call this pocket of yummy goodness
Pocket 9 a little letter that tells a little bit about me

I wrapped it in a huge pink heart doily, a lollipop, my info card and some coordinating ribbons.

I really hope this brings a smile to the receiver.

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