It's Always Hard to Say Goodbye

This was a difficult decision to make, but feel it is the right decision for me at this time. As of now, I am no longer a demonstrator for Stampin' Up. I still love the products and will continue to use them, etc. 

This decision was made with the following reasonings: 

  • I have decided for 2015 to accept the "Craft Your Stash" Challenge. This does not mean I am never going to buy anything craft related for the entire year, but am making a more conscience effort as to what I buy and why. I literally have an arsenal of craft supplies and have no real need to purchase anything, not even consumables like paper, inks, or adhesives. Insane I know. Being a demo requires me to stay up to date with the newest and coolest items for classes and tutorials. 
  • My craft time is going to have to be very planned out, at least for the first few months after the baby arrives. Working on a new routine will be challenging. I do not want to add unneeded stress on myself to make sure my classes, workshops, and tutorials take place.
Thank you to everyone who supported me. As usual, I will still offer free craft time in my studio, that will never change. Schedule will be posted later this month for 2015.

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