Danielle LaPorte’s World’s Biggest Book Club

So excited to share with you all that I’ll be leading a Desire Map book club event as part of Danielle LaPorte’s World’s Biggest Book Club! The event will be held on January 7, 2014 at 7PM CST.  I will disclose the address in Murfreesboro, TN once you sign-up and I’d love for you to join me!

We’ll be opening up some dialogue — from the sacredness to the practicalities of core desired feelings, goal setting, gratitude as a practice… wishes for the New Year – and it would be great to have you be a part of that. If you’d like to get a feel for what Danielle’s message is all about, you can check out her website here: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/.

Send me an e-mail to inkyaddict@gmail.com or private message me here on Facebook if you’re interested in joining the event. Please feel free to also share with anyone you think might be interested!


  1. Oh I wish I could join. Not only because I'd like to be part of this but also to get a break from Wisconsin in January!
    Please share what you can online afterward.

  2. I would be thrilled to share...I plan on posting afterward and through out the book club period so as many people as possible can follow along if they are not able to be there in person. :)