August Package Pals

When I heard that put together an August Package Pals I knew I wanted to join! My partner was a lady named Barbara all the way in New York. She specified she loves crafts, makes jewelry, but needed nothing specific. I thought “Hmmm…what does one give another that has everything?” That is when I came up with an “Autumn Themed” package. I started with a purple metal bucket that has the brightest and cutest lime green & orange polka dots all over it, tied some coordinating ribbon all along the handle, then stuffed it with—Autumn themed/colored: decorative paper clips & push pins, Post-Its with a “fall leaves” theme, Crystal Stickers in Pearl, SMOOCH Accent Ink in Pumpkin, a Painters Paint Pen in a Yummy Chocolate Brown, some Paper Accent Kraft Tags in assorted sizes, a set of k i memories bobbins in some fantastic autumn colors and finally stuffed the bottom of the little bucket with Werther’s Originals candies wrapped in their shiny gold wrappers, added an Autumn themed handmade card and WHOLIA! A little package for my pal that I hope she enjoys!  #packagepals #stars_sunshine

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