SIMPLIFY...Word of 2013

Last Monday night we kicked off Mixed Media Mondays for 2013! Whoo Hoo!! I joined this group towards the end of the year and all I can say is WOW! Such friendly talented people. A marvelous way to spend Monday nights. 

We were presented with a DARE! 

January's Creative Dare:
Create a piece using your Word of 2013!

My word for last year was -PERSEVERANCE
Holy cow was I given every opportunity to "persevere". 
With 2012 being such a heavy year, I thought "what do I hope/need/want in 2013"? Night after night I was given the word SIMPLIFY. This word has been a little bit hard to swallow for me. However, over the last couple weeks I have truly been embracing it in all aspects of my life and whoa! [yes, you have to say it like Joey] If this is the tone for the next 50 weeks I WILL TAKE IT!!! I am loving my life more than I ever have before...2013 and turning 39 years old will be my BEST LIFE YET! 
I can feel it all around me in everything I do. 

With that being is MY 2013 January Creative Dare

Canvas painted black, white textured gesso bubbles, and lots a glitter. 
SIMPLE, but not lacking any bling. 
In real life it has so much in 2013 one of my goals...learn to take a freaking photo. 

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